Tiziana sex video


tiziana sex video

Tiziana Cantone Sex Tape Leak: Italian Woman Dies By Suicide After The year-old's death came a year after she sent a sex video of. In April , year-old from Mugnano, on the outskirts of Naples, sent a series of sex videos to five people via WhatsApp. The recipients. The images and videos began to appear on porn sites and spread virally on social media, along with jeering comments, edited screenshots. Ursprungligen postat av Diamondgrit. But they can so easily be used against us later. Känns extremt lågt o taskigt gjort. After a lengthy bog boobs battle, a pornhubn ruled that the video should be removed from various sites and search engines, japanese sex videos Facebook. But the humiliation ­followed her and she began to feel like there was no escape.

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Continue Change settings Find out more. The notice outside the funeral described her as a "sweet, beautiful, fragile angel". The president of the Italian Data Protection Authority told La Stampa it was impossible to safeguard online privacy, but that the answer lay in better education at schools. Hoping to escape the ridicule, Tiziana quit her job, moved from Naples to the rural region of Tuscany and tried to change her name. Tiziana Cantone retreated to her family home in a quiet street in Mugnano, a working-class suburb of Naples. Users soon turned her comment into a meme-worthy punchline. Bilder som trots hennes bortgång nu finns kvar på nätet, som en digital gravsten.

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Leaked sex tapes provoked Tiziana Cantone's suicide - BBC News

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